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About Us

Our videography journey started in 2017 when Todd was asked by a friend to capture their wedding day via GoPro. Todd did so successfully that others wanted in on his hidden talents. Many other friends asked him to use his skills on their wedding day and he found more and more interest doing so. He upgraded cameras and studied day in and day out to be the best videographer around. As Todd would spend countless hours editing, Abbie grew to enjoy editing too. There is something magical about watching the beautiful moments Todd captured. Together they make a great team, recording and editing the emotion of your day into an amazing video to watch for years to come.

We are just a married couple wanting to capture your special day. We know how expensive weddings can be, but found our video to be one of our most prized possessions from our wedding day! We hope we can make it affordable and fun for you to choose us for your special day. Thanks for visiting!


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